Welcome to the homepage of Patrick Torsell, author of Snow Guns Before Sunrise: A Peek Behind the Veil of Ski Resort Operations!

Snow Guns Before Sunrise

Ever wonder what it’s like to operate a snowcat, or even run the whole show as a ski resort General Manager? Snow Guns Before Sunrise will let you in on the secrets as you walk, and ski, in the boots of ski industry insiders to see what really goes on behind the scenes. Complete with job descriptions, “a-day-in-the-life-of” details, and anecdotes from industry professionals, you’ll discover everything you wanted to know, and then some, about the inner workings of a ski resort. Get a glimpse of the complexity of the ski operation and its many moving parts, and explore the mystique of working in the mountains for the sake of skiing. Learn the metrics by which a ski area measures success, and read about the “unsung heroes” behind the scenes. Every other business venture is made boring in the shadow of the ski industry. Whether you’re a curious skier, an industry professional, or you’re thinking about a career in the ski industry, Snow Guns Before Sunrise is your insider’s guide.